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Excerpt from my upcoming book: “Lighthouse Adventures!”


…At some point, I awoke to find the clouds had passed. Something strange touched my consciousness which brought me quickly to my senses. Raising myself up on my hands, I looked around to find my bearings and to discover the source of my strange feelings – feelings of surrealness, as if awakening from a misty dream of intimacy. A strange atmosphere had descended upon the scene in front of my eyes: an eery, other-worldly glow washed over the tiny island -a warm, reddish hue which bathed everything in a honey-like magic. For a moment I was transfixed with a sense of awe. As my eyes swept northwestward, I saw the source of this mystery: … (read more)


One thought on “Excerpt from my upcoming book: “Lighthouse Adventures!”

  1. Arent van der Veen says:

    I’m really amazed by the beautiful photography on this site. A lighthouse enthusiast myself, I am really looking forward to the publication of your book. When do you foresee this book will be available?

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