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Excerpt from my upcoming book: “Lighthouse Adventures!”


…At some point, I awoke to find the clouds had passed. Something strange touched my consciousness which brought me quickly to my senses. Raising myself up on my hands, I looked around to find my bearings and to discover the source of my strange feelings – feelings of surrealness, as if awakening from a misty dream of intimacy. A strange atmosphere had descended upon the scene in front of my eyes: an eery, other-worldly glow washed over the tiny island -a warm, reddish hue which bathed everything in a honey-like magic. For a moment I was transfixed with a sense of awe. As my eyes swept northwestward, I saw the source of this mystery: … (read more)


Summer 2012 Exhibition at Sattmark Cafe and Resort, Parainen, Finland

Fraser’s exhibition was on display for 4 months during the summer of 2012 at Sattmark Cafe and Resort, which is situated in the beautiful archipelago islands near Parainen, Finland. Thousands of visitors passed by over the course of the summer visiting both the cafe and the boutique where Fraser’s prints and postcards were also on sale. A lively vernissage, with guitar music, warmed the guests in the still cool springtime weather at the end of May.

Photography & Art Exhibition, Hanko Finland 2011


Photographer Fraser Bliss from Turku and artist Pekka Vehviläinen from Hanko host an exhibition at Hangon Kaupungintalon Galleria (Hanko Town Gallery), Oct. 15-30, 2011. As both artists specialize in seascape and lighthouse themes, it was natural for their paths to cross, which happened about three years ago, and a subsequent friendship to form. Coming up with the rather novel idea of hosting  joint photography and watercolor exhibitions, they decided to start in Pekka’s home town of Hanko on the south coast of Finland where he paints and operates a private gallery of his own. Fraser busied himself by making three or four weekend trips with his boat to Hanko and surrounding islands to create images of both Gustavsvärn and Russarö lighthouses which are located on islands and lead boats and shipping traffic into the harbors of Hanko. (more…)

Lighthouse Photo Exhibition by Fraser Bliss in Jurmala, Latvia

August 7, 2011 saw the opening of Fraser Bliss’ Lighthouse Photo Exhibition at Amber Spa Boutique Hotel in Jurmala, Latvia.

Photographer Fraser Bliss exhibits his lighthouse photographs at the stylish Amber Spa Hotel, in Jurmala Latvia. The colourful lighthouse images were chosen from the four Baltic Sea countries of Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Displayed also was a small collection of three lighthouses from southern Sri Lanka. There were 21 images in total showing lighthouses in the four seasons plus various picturesque light conditions such as sunrise, sunset, twilight, full moon and rainbows.

A large panorama of Daugavgriva Lighthouse of Riga showcased the exhibition. The shot below was taken at twilight evening hours on an icy January evening just as the cruise ship Tallink Romantika was passing the Daugavgriva light which marks the confluence of the Daugava River and the Baltic Sea. (more…)