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Lighthouse Photo Exhibition by Fraser Bliss in Jurmala, Latvia

August 7, 2011 saw the opening of Fraser Bliss’ Lighthouse Photo Exhibition at Amber Spa Boutique Hotel in Jurmala, Latvia.

Photographer Fraser Bliss exhibits his lighthouse photographs at the stylish Amber Spa Hotel, in Jurmala Latvia. The colourful lighthouse images were chosen from the four Baltic Sea countries of Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Displayed also was a small collection of three lighthouses from southern Sri Lanka. There were 21 images in total showing lighthouses in the four seasons plus various picturesque light conditions such as sunrise, sunset, twilight, full moon and rainbows.

A large panorama of Daugavgriva Lighthouse of Riga showcased the exhibition. The shot below was taken at twilight evening hours on an icy January evening just as the cruise ship Tallink Romantika was passing the Daugavgriva light which marks the confluence of the Daugava River and the Baltic Sea.

Click on image below to view exhibition SLIDE SHOW

The exhibition opening, the vernissage, was attended by about 30 guests from the Riga and Jurmala, among them a prominent ex-speaker of parliament and the president of  the Latvian Business Woman  Association. The event was crowned off by auctioning one of Fraser’s lighthouses to the highest bidder. Proceeds were given to a charity which supports activities for poor and disadvantaged children in Latvia. The exhibition was enthusiastically received by all.  Click to view slide show.

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